Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warning for the tickle monster!

The other night I slept over my friend's house and we invited a bunch of people over. We were watching a movie and having just a regular night in. Somehow this movie-night turned into a tickle-tournament. The guys attacked the girls with tickles and we tried to fight them off with pillows. We were having a blasty blast; welcome to the world of college kids. Anyway, As I was being tickled to death, I kept thinking about two things: Firstly, he better not rip out my infusion set! Secondly, if he sees my infusion set this guy is going to think I have a beeper attatched to my stomach with dental floss. Awkward. So, I try to catch a breath and scream STOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPP! I HAVE TO WARN YOU! He stops. He goes, "What the hell do you have to warn me about?" I showed him my infusion set and said,
"Don't worry, I'm not an alien, I'm a diabetic. This connects my insulin pump to my body; please do not tickle me near it so it won't get messed up." I killed two birds with one stone; my infusion set was out of harm and I was no longer being tickled. Great success!!!

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